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Typ: Seria FP0H

Symbol: AFP0HCCS2

Producent: Panasonic

Waga produktu: 30g

Minimalna ilość w zamówieniu: 1

Ilość produktów w opakowaniu jednostkowym: 1

Opis produktu

Part Number AFP0HCCS2
Product name FP0H communication cassettes
Item Specifications
Product Number AFP0HCCS2
Part Number AFP0HCCS2
Interface RS-232C 2 channels
Transmission distance Max. 15 m 49.213 ft
Communication configuration 1 : 1 communication
Communication speed 1,200(Note), 2,400(Note), 4,800, 9,600, 19,200, 38,400, 57,600, 115,200, 230,400 bits/sec.
(Note): System register no. 415 cannot be used to set the baud rate to 1,200 bps. To set the baud rate to 1,200 bps, use the SYS1 instruction. If the baud rate of any of the COM ports is 2,400 bps or lower, F-ROM access will slow down.
Example) F12(ICRD) instruction, P13(ICWT) instruction, etc.
Communication method Half-duplex system
Synchronous method Start-stop synchronization system
Transmission format : Data length 7 bits / 8 bits
Transmission format : Parity none / odd / even
Transmission format : Stop bit 1 bit / 2 bits
Transmission format : Start code with STX / without STX
Transmission format : End code CR / CR + LF / none / ETX / Time (0 to 100 ms)
Data transmission order Transmit from bit 0 in character units.
Number of stations -
Net weight 10 g approx.
Remark Notes:
1) The start and end codes can be used only for general-purpose serial communications.
2) The unit No. (station number) can be selected at system register.
3) Sufficient noise tolerance is provided but it is recommended that a user program be created for retransmission. (To improve the reliability of communications when a communication error occurs due to an excessive noise or when the target device cannot receive data temporarily.)
4) When connecting a commercially available device that has an RS-485 interface, please confirm operation using the actual device. In some cases, the number of station units, transmission distance and communication speed vary depending on the connected device.
5) The transmission distance, transmission speed, and number of stations should be within the range of the graph below, depending on each value.

When the transmission speed is 19,200 bits/s, you can set up to 99 stations and up to 1,200 m 3,937.008 ft transmission distance.


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